Dimengel 100

Prints from 0.8mm - 1.3mm layerheight used for large format concepts sculptures visual Concepts

Description: material Dimengel 100. High quality strong component easy to sand and adjust forms high melting temperatures translucent for light purposes. Printable without support till 90degrees.

ABS M30 and ABS M30i

ABS-M30™ is up to 25 to 70 percent stronger than standard ABS and is an ideal material for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and production parts. ABS-M30 has greater tensile, impact and flexural strength than standard ABS. Layer bonding is significantly stronger than that of standard ABS, for a more durable part. The best material and price qualitity for acurate prototyping

ASA 0.51

Now you can build consistently high-quality parts, with exceptional UV stability and the best aesthetics of any FDM® thermoplastic. Matching or exceeding the mechanical properties of ABS Its UV-resistance makes it especially suited in production parts for outdoor commercial and infrastructure use wide selection of colors and matte finish makes it ideal for attractive prototypes in consumer sporting goods, tools and automotive components and accessories.

PC 0.59

A true industrial thermoplastic, PC (polycarbonate) is widely used in automotive, aerospace, medical and many other applications. PC offers accuracy, durability and stability, creating strong parts that withstand functional testing. A PC part manufactured on a Fortus® 3D Printer is 5 to 60 percent stronger than a part made on previous FDM® systems. It also has superior mechanical properties to ABS and a number of other thermoplastics. When combined with a Fortus 3D Printer, PC gives you strong parts for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and production parts. PC runs the Xtend 500 Fortus Plus option, which enables more than 400 hours of unattended build time.

Nylon 60.59

FDM Nylon 6™ combines strength and toughness superior to other FDM thermoplastics, for applications that require strong, customized parts and tooling that lasts longer and withstands rigorous functional testing. Engineered with nylon 6, a popular thermoplastic for manufacturing, this material works with the Fortus 900mc™ to produce durable parts with a clean finish and high break resistance. FDM Nylon 6 is ideal for product manufacturers and development engineers in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing.

Nylon 12 0.53

FDM Nylon 12™ is the first material in Stratasys’ family of nylon offerings, complementing the current portfolio of FDM® materials and enabling new applications requiring: repetitive snap fits, high fatigue resistance, strong chemical resistance and press (friction) fit inserts. FDM Nylon 12 is primarily used in aerospace, automotive and consumer goods industries to take on everything from tooling, jigs and fixtures to covers, panels and vibration resistant components. For use with Fortus 380mc™, 450mc™ and 900mc™ 3D Printers, FDM Nylon 12 offers unparalleled toughness and a simple, clean process – free of powders.

Nylon 12 CF

FDM Nylon 12CF™ is a carbon-filled thermoplastic with excellent structural characteristics. The material is comprised of a blend of Nylon 12 resin and chopped carbon fiber, at a loading of 35% by weight. This combination produces one of the strongest thermoplastics in the FDM® material portfolio. It has the highest flexural strength of any FDM thermoplastic, resulting in the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio. Appropriate uses include strong but lightweight tooling applications and functional prototypes in the aerospace, automotive, industrial and recreational manufacturing industries. FDM Nylon 12CF is available on the Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber Edition, Fortus 450mc™ and Stratasys F900™ 3D Printers and is compatible with SR-110™ support material.

Ultem F

ULTEM™ 9085 resin is a flame-retardant high-performance thermoplastic for digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping. It is ideal for the transportation industry due to its high strength-to-weight ratio and its FST (flame, smoke and toxicity) rating. Combined with a Fortus® 3D Printer, ULTEM 9085 resin allows design and manufacturing engineers to produce fully functional parts that are ideal for advanced functional prototypes or end use without the cost or lead time of traditional tooling.

Sandstone color

Colorprints in sandstone best price material value for colored concepts.
Small format.

Polyjet colorprint

Prints from 0.017mm - 0.027mm layerheight Full colorprint with good strength capacity.
Perfect for colored prototypes


PPSF/PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) material has the greatest heat and chemical resistance of all Fortus® materials - ideal for aerospace, automotive and medical applications. PPSF parts manufactured on Fortus 3D Printers are not only mechanically superior, but also dimensionally accurate, to better predict end-product performance. Users can also sterilize PPSF via steam autoclave, EtO sterilization, plasma sterilization, chemical sterilization and radiation*. PPSF gives you the ability to manufacture parts direct from digital files that are ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools and production parts.

ABS M30 and ABS M30i

Prints from 0.05mm - 0.2mm layerheight Used for price efficient Structural parts.
We have a Foodcompatible version if it is used in the foodindustry

Rigid Opaque (non bendable translucent) materials

This are good material choices for light functional testing, patterns, prototypes and models. Available in seven hues including blue, white, black, gray, cyan, magenta and yellow, the Vero family shares similar mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.

Agilus (rubber like polyjet)

Agilus30™ is a superior Rubber-like PolyJet™ photopolymer family ideal for advanced design verification and rapid prototyping. Get more durable, tear-resistant prototypes that can stand up to repeated flexing and bending. With a Shore A value of 30 in clear, black and white, Agilus30 accurately simulates the look, feel and function of Rubber-like products. 3D print rubber surrounds, overmolds, soft-touch coatings, living hinges, jigs and fixtures, wearables, grips and seals with improved surface texture.

Med 610

MED610 is a transparent, biocompatible PolyJet™ material medically approved for bodily contact. The material is designed for both medical and dental applications and is approved for permanent skin contact (more than 30 days) and limited mucosal membrane contact (up to 24 hours).
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